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When You're Gone is about Sam and Emma, how they meet, fall in love and fall apart. we follow Sam as he relives his past by invading the mind of his younger self.

You will help Sam fight his insecurities and emotions in turn based combat. With the help of some peculiar allies, you push and shove your way forward to find the point where it all went wrong.


When You're Gone v_0_2_5.zip 1,022 MB


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I generally steer away from tactics-based RPGs, but the art style you've got going on here really sucked me in.

I love the style, and the story so far seems pretty deep. I really enjoyed playing the demo, and would love to play the full game. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more =) keep up the great work!

Tried to download but it says I need a 'WhenYoureGone_v_0_2_0_Data folder next to executable'. Any idea? I tried creating that folder but didn't work. Thanks.

We're uploading the latest version today (in just a few hours) when the game says (v_0_2_5) everything should be up and running.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Otherwise you can download the version right away from our gamejolt page: gamejolt(dot)com/games/whenyouregone/286212

I'll try the game more than this Saturday.

Cool man!

thank you~