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You are a private investigator. You have been hired by the enigmatic mega-corporation C-Corp to track down the whereabouts of a "Mr. Blue", an employee of theirs who has gone missing. The instructions were simple but clear: find him by any means necessary.

Your first assignment is to interview Mr. Blue's immediate co-workers about his disappearance. They're all claiming ignorance, but someone is lying. Find out who.

Best of luck, detective.


"How Do You Know Mr. Blue?" is a narrative-based detective game where your objective is to find the missing Mr. Blue by interrogating his suspicious co-workers. Gaining information bit by bit, you advance the story by pointing out any lies and contradictions you might discover during your "interviews" with the staff at C-Corp.

- Dialogue-driven gameplay with a focus on interrogation.

- A strong cast of characters to get to know and outsmart, each one fully voiced and animated.

- Collect statements, organize them and discover contradictions to confront your interrogation subjects with.

- Unravel the mysterious inner workings of the mega-corporation C-Corp.


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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Facebook
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It's been such a long time...and no updates on your twitter or anyplace else...

This was a really fun experience so far! It felt linear but in a way where I was guiding it, with a great pace to boot. Is it still being developed?

Such a strange game! We had a lot of fun playing this and Drag0n was practically drooling the entire time. Can't wait to see the full release!


This game looks amazing and I want to play it but I'm finding it hard to even start the game is there some sort of puzzle needed to unlock it?

Hey Harukauranus.

Do you have a program that can extract .rar files? That should be the only thing you need to install the game.

Oh yes I have already extracted it! Sorry haha, I meant when I pull it up it works fine and smooth it is a very pretty, yet there is a STARTING... and ENDING... you have to click on and just above that is just an H. Is there any kind of puzzle to open the actual start?

Have you spoken to Madam White and Mr. Red? If you have asked all the questions (the boxes with texts under the characters) you should press the computer. There you will find statements taken from your conversations with the characters. Your job is to analyze the statements and find contradictions. Finding a contradiction will give you more possible questions for the characters.

Hope this helps! :)

Haha well you see, my problem lies with getting the game to even start it pulls up as a blue screen with one H and I can't make a new game either. It hasn't pulled up Madame White or Mr. Red so I am stuck haha. I thought that detective games there might be a puzzle to start it. I can press STARTING... and it will move I have also been able to click ENDING... without it shutting down the program. I'm not sure how to start the game or if this is a matter of my computer. You are so nice in helping me, I appreciate this a lot!

Ah! That is really weird. Have you tried deleting the game and downloading it again? And also, if you could send a picture of how the game looks for you we would appreciate it a lot. <3

Official review of How Do You Know Mr. Blue? Giving all my thoughts/opinions on the demo.


Aww! We are happy that you enjoy the game! <3

Loved this game! Can't wait until the full release.

Wow! Thanks! Means a lot to us that you enjoyed the experience! <3

I really enjoyed this! looking forward to the full release :)

Yay! Happy you liked it! <3


This was really good! I'm not the best at finding contradictions so I didn't get very far but I was impressed with what I did see! Great job!

Wow thanks! Yeah, our intern struggled a bit on finding contradictions at first. It takes a while before it gets more natural. <3

catchy title

We agree! Thanks!

Interesting "contradictions" concept. Our game has something similar but has been in progress since 2018.

Interesting. It's a really nice way of interacting with characters in game. :)

Loved it. So much fun. The creepy but whimsical character designs remind me so much of Tim Burton movies like Coraline. 

Wow! That is such a nice compliment! <3

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The concept has so much potential with it's unique art, superb voice-acting, and interesting writing. I really can't wait to see the finished result!

The only thing I'd probably suggest is the ability to delete an empty folder.

Thanks a bunch man! Yeah we're doing major work on the computer section of the game. Stay tuned!

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This game is amazing! I like the characters and the voice-acting as well as the visuals. I like that they are very different from each other and how they respond to the questions. My favorite is Mr. Red, especially when you ask him about Ms. Yellow. It is too bad I couldn’t meet Ms. Yellow since I heard so much as her.  10 / 10

Loved the lets play! Fantastic coverage!

I really enjoyed your game, although the one part with the circuit being "bulletproof" really threw me for a loop until I saw someone else's solution.  Are you sure that's the word you wanted?

I'm looking forward to the full version though!

Glad you liked it! Yeah, we have noticed that "Bulletproof" can be a bit confusing. We are discussing how to move forward with that part. Thanks :).

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I really enjoyed this game and actually played this all the way through. The game is well put together and I highly recommend it to those that are wondering how to play. I played it using the itch.io app, I am going to leave the gameplay video here. I also played this for my Indie Game Showcase Season 2 Wave 2 Part 2.

Looking forward to more of this game:

Wow! Really interesting story guys! I just loved playing the game, I wasn't the best detective at first but I definitely got better with time haha, I loved the background music too! keep it up! 

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How do I play the game? I know how to extract it and such. But, when I do I can't find the file to open the game. I think it might be because I accidently clicked to always open rar. files with internet explorer. :/

When you extract the .rar you should get a .exe file that starts the game. 

If you want to change how you open a file then you can change it by following this link:

Hope this was of any help. :)

Any chance of a browser-playable demo?

I am sorry, but the game uses software that doesn't work with browsers. :/

Aww. It sounds great.

How do you convert it from a .rar file?

Download WinRAR or 7zip. They are free software that will convert .rar file archives. I can't remember, but I think windows might have a default ability as well if you right click on the .rar you should see the option to "extract" the files.

Thank you so much for your help!

I had the same problem as ErrArachnica - got as far as asking Red about the contradiction between cataloging everything and destroying the circuit board immediately, and a new piece of info was added in solid purple without readable text. So I couldn't get any further. 

Shame, as I was starting to enjoy the game.

We are aware of this problem and will fix it in the next update. The pink statement without any text is not necessary to progress in the game. There are other contradictions that move the game forward.

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0.2 download says it only contains the demo?

asked mr.red about promptly destroying the circuit board and the note block is error pink with no text


We are aware of this problem and will fix it in the next update. The pink statement without any text is not necessary to progress in the game. There are other contradictions that move the game forward.

I really enjoyed the game, although I didn’t finish it yet, I like the art style and I’m sorry I sound a bit tired in this video

Hey Conkergoo! 

Wow! Really cool that you streamed yourself playing the game! I think I saw your name on Discord! Feel free to give us any of your feedback there!

Much love,